260412 - INTERIOR

Besides fashion, i also really love interior.. So here are a few inspirational pictures! Wish I had houses like that and rooms that looked like the pictures above.. Keep on dreaming, one day I will live in a big house!


230412 - OUTFIT

My outfit from today.. What do you think of my blouse? I made it myself (with a little help of my mom and her sewing machine haha).. I had two blouses which I didn't wear that often anymore, one I thought was too long and the other I thought was too short, so I decided to make one blouse out of one! :)

Also went to school today and we are working on a photoshoot.. We are not that far yet, first a lot of research and theory and all, but after that a photoshoot.. Super excited! We have to do a shoot for the brand Kuyichi, for an editorial in Vogue with man between the 30 and 50.. First I didn't like that, but the more I work on it, the more I start to like it! So can't wait to shoot in a few weeks!!

The outfit: Blouse DIY (from a vintage blouse and a blouse from Vero Moda), skinny jeans: H&M, gold chokers: H&M, boots: Monki.


220412 - BEAUTIFUL

The people who follow my FACEBOOK page, already saw this picture.. But I love it so much, that I also wanted to share this on my blog.. 
So enjoy this beautiful picture of the Dutch model Saskia de Braauw, shot by Angelo Pennetta!


200412 - OUTFIT

Today I went to the cutest coffee place called "de Bakkerswinkel", with one of my best friends! We had the most delicious cake, great fresh mint tea and ofcourse had lost of 'talks and laughs'!

What was I wearing? Fauxfurvest, denim jacket (old) and black sweater: H&M, leather pants: Vero moda, shoes: Monki, belt: Zara.

And I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they are soo blurry and not clear and that is driving me crazy.. Really need a good camera, or something else.. Don't know, but I'm sorry! :D



Some beautiful outfits with a summer feeling! 
Damn, i really long the summer.. Want it, but also definitely NEED it! I am so excited for a those days where i can go outside with shorts or dresses with bare legs, enjoy the sunshine, go to the most amazing festivals and have fun with my friends.. Too bad that the weather in Holland isn't as how I want it to be, so I guess there is no other option than to wait... Keep my fingers crossed for the summer to come and enjoy the beautiful pictures and streetstyle in the meantime!

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170412 - OUTFIT / BEACH

Here are some of the pictures that we made on the beach.. Not very clear outfit pictures, because it was so extremely windy! And I was wearing my new maxi skirt, that was going all over the place.. Just like my hair haha! So not that clear, but I did like the pictures. What do you think? :)

What was I wearing?
Grey top: Topshop, leather jacket: Mango, collar necklace: H&M, sheer maxi skirt - Primark, short skirt underneath: H&M, boots: unknown.


160412 - BEACH

One thing i totally really love is going to the beach. Yesterday me and Carmen (from MYDAILYFASHIONDOSIS) went to a party in a beach club, but before going in, we did a bit of walking on the beach.. Despite the hard extreme wind (explaining my hair-for-my-face-look) I really liked it..
There is something about the beach and the sea that really intriges me! The beauty and infinity of it, amazing! So i'll probably spend a lot of time on the beach this summer!

We had a great party, and despite the fact that i really wasn't feeling well, it was really amazing! We did made an attempt to make outfit pictures, but I left my camera at Carmen, so can't post that photos today, but I will later this week..
Pff, no I'll return back to bed, because I'm still not feeling that good..



Some beautiful inspiration for this weekend! :),
really wanted to make some outfit pictures today, but I was (am) so tired, so my face really wasn't working with me hahaha. So i'll leave you with these images! Enjoy your weekend! <3


100412 - MUSEUM

Here are the pictures I promised you from the IRIS VAN HERPEN exhibition in the Groninger museum.. Like I said before, I totally loved it! She makes such unique pieces, and you really have to look good to see how everything is made.. But with the most pieces you can not even figure out how it is made, really wonderful! My ultimate dream is to visit a catwalk show from Iris van Herpen, would be amazing!!

If you have the chance to go, I would really REALLY recommend to go to the exhibition.. It is there untill September, so you have some time left! :)..


070412 - OUTFIT

I just returned from Groninger, I went to the exhibition of Iris van Herpen at the museum, and i looooooved it! It was SO amazing, can't believe how cool her pieces are in real life.. It is really fascinating to see how see has made everything, and I will show you pictures of it later on this week!

This was what I was wearing: denim blouse: Zara (ohgosh, i found this one in my closet, i almost never wear anything that is not loose, but i do like it, eventhough i felt really fat hahah!), jeans: DIY (+ Monki).. Knitted cardigan: Vero Moda., hat and scarf: H&M, snakeskin satchel: Primark.

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ps. i'm sorry that the pictures turned out to be so blurry, don't know how come.. I'm at my parents for the weekend, but I will try to figure it out when I am back home in Amsterdam! :)


040412 - OUTFIT

What was I wearing? Jeans: DIY, white blouse: H&M trend, shoes: Sacha, white belt: from my mother.

Photos from my outfit from yesterday with my new DIY pants! People how follow my Facebook page knew I did a DIY a few days ago and this is the result.. Really like how it turned out! The funny thing about it that this first was a black jeans!! What do you think of the result?

These photos were made by my sweet friend from My daily Fashiondosis! We had a blast, having great dinner and the most delicious icecreams ever! Well, enjoy your Wednesday, I am heading to work now! :)


020412 - OUTFIT

Ohgosh, today we had our final presentations for school.. It was a lot of stress the last couple of days, and I was nervous as hell for the two presentations we had to do.. But everything went good and I think I passed both,.. Don't know yet ofcourse, but i am so glad we finally finished!
Because of the fact we were ready me and a few girls from my class went out for some wine and dinner.. It was a lot of fun and we ate some deliciouuuus food. Had a great time!!

What was I wearing? Top with text: Zara, black cardigan: H&M, shorts: levis vintage, boots: Monki.


010412 - LOVE IT // DIY

(source: stylebykling, unknown)

One trend you see all over the streets, that I really really love is tie dye and dip dye! And since it is something you can easily do yourself, I decided to also try this.. First I wanted to dip dye a pants I never wear.. I wanted it to be white, but unfortunately it turned out yellow.. Hahah, but it's a mint green skinny pants, so I think I do like it.. It's a really "spring-ish" pants, and when the sun is shining bright, you will see me in that pants hahaha.
After that I wanted to try a tie dye, and i still had an old pants, so I gave it a shot.. It turned out quite good and I really like it.. Despite the fact that my room is still smelling like a freaking swimming pool haha. I am going to show you in an outfit post later on this week!

What do you think about the TIE DYE and DIP DYE trend? Hate or love it?