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And yet another inspiration post.. I am sorry that I haven't shown much outfit post lately, but like I probably already said before, I do not have someone who can takes pictures of me daily. I have a few sweet friends that will take pictures of me, and don't mind doing that haha! but (unfortunately) i don't see them on a daily base haha. And I do not want to bother everyone with the question if they want to take pictures of me... Eitherway, long story short, another inspiration post haha! Since everybody loves to watch beautiful pictures right!

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sources | tumblr | vanillascented | weheartit | various blogs

Some beautiful inspirational pictures for my beautiful readers! 
I am absolutely in love with the third picture, of Kate Moss.. There isn't even shown that much, just a neutral background and a gorgeous woman standing on a tree trunk, but I just adore it.
Yesterday I went to a cultural festival called 'The Parade' and I loved it! There were all sorts of shows and performances, delicious food, music, the coolest places you could eat and drink.. And a lot of fashionable people, which I always love looking at! Really had an amazing night over there!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy!!

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220812 - OUTFIT

Yesterdays outfit. My head/face really didn't work with me on every single picture, so I just cut it off! Haha.
Don't you just love my new top? I've been wanted to buy a peplum kind of top for a really long time.. And when I was in Las Vegas during my holiday, I saw one, but then didn't buy it.. Why? Really have no clue! And yesterday I was visiting the h&m, and saw this beauty. Also really love the bourgondy version with longer sleeves, but since I really love navy blue colors, I decided to go for this one! You'll probably going to see of lot of this new lover on the blog!

Peplum top | H&M trend.
Lace shorts | JUTKA & riska.
Boots | SACHA.

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Again some beautiful inspiration, including the always gorgeous Kate Moss.. Oh how much do I love her and how much do I love that picture of when she was younger and the one with her former lover Johnny Depp!



160812 - OUTFIT

My (simple) outfit from a day at "the beach"..
Top + hat | H&M.
Glasses | MONKI.
Flipflops | HAVAIANAS.

And yes, again this skirt, but i love it so much! And it is so comfortable, especially when you spend your day just chilling and readin fashion magazines on the beach.

Close to were I live there is this place called amsterdam ROEST and i had never been there before but my roommate and a friend of her were going there, so I joined them and I loooved the place! On the inside there is thé coolest interior, with delicious food and cool things, and outside they've created a small beach with chairs and lounges and all.. Extremely nice haha! 
So we just chilled at the beach, had latte machiatto and we even did some hoolahooping. So cool, i always did that when I was a kid, and hadn't done it in years!! A lot of fun and it is quit a workout actually haha! Just another relaxing and fun day.


150812 - RANDOM

Just some random pictures from my previous weekend and a few from the last fashion week I wanted to share.

1 | beachclub woodstock at Bloemendaal.
2 | outfit from above.
3 | me in the park at a sunny day.
4 | a picture from amsterdam fashion week, the amazing lichting by gstarr show which i loved!
5 | sunshine and palmtrees at bloemendaal beach.
6 | me at the beach, including the beautiful sunset.
7 | my outfit at fashion week.
8 | lover friends.

If you want to see more pictures I take, follow me on instagram: @femkehha. Just recently started to upload my images to my account, but since I have a smalll addiction haha, there will be more and more pictures on it every day! 
And since we're now talking about instagram, does anybody know some good apps I could use to add the beautiful effects I keep seeing on other instagram pictures, with the little hearts and rounds and all.. You would be my hero if you share hahah!




Some dreamy beautiful inspirational pictures, after my amazing weekend with people I love! Spend my days just having fun, chilling around on the beach, dancing, laughing, worshiping the sun and enjoying my life! Hope your weekend was amazing as well, and enjoy this week!


100812 - OUTFIT

Yea, I have got the hots for stripes! Hahah. I usually do not wear any prints, but stripes are my favorite.. Eventhough most people probably not consider them as "prints", I do!
And I am also wearing my favorite skirts.. Bought this skirt before my vacation, and ever since I am wearing it as much as possible! Super comfortable, and also feminine! At least, that is what I think about it!!

TOP | h&m.
SKIRT | brandy melville.
SANDALS | steve madden.
NECKLACES | fashionology.

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080812 - OUTFIT

Wow, just have had the MOST amazing weekend/start of the week! In the north of Holland there is something called Sneekweek, that is celebrated each year. It started as (and still is) a sailing competition, but the most important reason I am coming is that it is an amazing reason to party all week long! 
I have met a lot of new wonderful people and got to spend time and party with my sweet friends! Loved it!
(and excuse the quality of the picture, it was already dark outside, but still wanted to make a picture for the blog!!)

Trousers | H&M TREND
Leather jacket | MANGO
Shoes | COS



As a huge fashion lover, and also because I am a fashion blogger myself, I am constantly checking out other peoples blog! Really love seeing how other people see fashion, what they think about it and what their personal style is! Some people might dislike the fact that there are new blogs online everyday, but I really like the fact that those people wanna show their sense of fashion to the rest of the world!

Eventhough there are so many blogs I see every day, two blogs are my ultimate favorite. The blogs of Vanillascented (Maria van Nguyen) and Carolines Mode. These two women have a sense of fashion that is indescribable! With the most simplest items, they can create an amazing outfit! They have an amazing eye for what is "it", by spotting others people style or creating it themselves! And I really admire that, so much! Therefore this post, to show my love for the daily inspiration and maybe introducing them to people that didn't know these blogs yet!


03082012 - TRAVEL

So, this will be the last post with pictures from America.. I have soo many pictures (like 1500), so it was hard to choose from those haha! But I hope i gave you a good impression of my wonderfull vacation and I hope you loved looking at the pictures, as much as I loved taking them! From now on, back to the fashion pictures and outfit posts ;)

1 | walking around on Venice beach
2 | an amusment park on the pier of santa monica beach
3 | just a random street in LA
4 | me in front of our gorgeous big car, we took our roadtrip in!
5 | rodeo drive
6 | walk of fame in Hollywood
7 | the Hollywood sign
8 | wow! palm trees on the beautiful Venice beach
9 | the view from our hotel
10 | le me in Los Angeles
11 | looove Michael Jackson!!


02082012 - TRAVEL

Another post with beautiful pictures from the beautiful America.. Unfortunately I am already back home in Holland! I have had the most amazing holiday, we have seen so much beautiful places, did so much cool things and I loved spending time with my parents and brother! Too bad that it is already over, but thank god for the amazing memories and the gorgeous pictures!

1 | me in the harbor of Monterey
2 | the cutest shopping street of Santa Barbara
3 | the harbor of Monterey
4 | malibu beach
5 | a picture of me in Las Vegas that I didn't post before
6 | at malibu beach! the beach were Baywatch was recorded, how cool is that!
7 | and again the harbor of Monterey, cute little fishermans city
8 | le me at the beach of santa barbara
9 | on the beach
10 | beautiful palm trees in santa barbara.

Still have a lot of pictures I didn't share, so will post more pictures probably tomorrow!