061112 - OUTFIT

Finally a new outfit post from me! 
Black is the 'color' I love most, and I would never ever change that.. I love wearing black, and almost anything looks beter in black haha. But besides black, I really love blue. In all different kinds of variations, denim blue, kobalt blue, light blue, dark blue.. And because I am blond, I think the colors really suit me, so lately I am also very into wearing blue. Ofcourse combined with black, because that combination is the bést! A lot of people hate to combine black and blue, but for me, it is a definite winner!
This jacket for example, I am totally in LOVE with this! A few weeks ago I went inside the H&M to go to the h&m home department to buy some candles (yea, really haha!).. And I ended up leaving with this beauty. Ever since I wear it, and I lóoooove it! Very Celine if you ask me!

Blue jacket | H&M TREND.
Blouse | NOWHERE
Leather trousers | VEROMODA
Boots | MONKI

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