290112 - AIFW OUTFIT

And my outfit from yesterday, from Fashionweek!
What was I wearing? Blouse: vintage, skirt: made it myself, two-toned heels: Zara, clutch: Vintage.

290112 - AIFW (2)

Photos by me and Peter Stigter

After the Tony Cohen show, my sweet Lieke, arranged tickets for us, to also go and visit the Gestuz runway show.. Since my stay in Denmark last year, I always fancy brands from Scandinavia and especially from Denmark.. So I was pretty excited when I could visit the Gestuz show!!

And I totally loved it! Loved the leather, and the sequins they used.. I would love to wear almost everything from the show, especially the leather vests, jackets and sequined long skirt.. LOVE!
So I was very glad to also visit this one.. Had a blast at Amsterdam Fashion Week and hopefully I will be visiting more shows next time in the summer!! :).

290112 - AIFW (1)

Photos by me and team Peter Stigter

So yesterday I went to my first fashion week catwalk show :D. Me and my friend Jessica went to the Tony Cohen show. And I loved it! The show was so beautiful, I loved the music, and the clothes were also very nice! He used a lot of silk, wool and fur/lammy, with a lot of draperies and layering.. The color were also beautiful, with a lot of dark shades and black.. I loved it :)..
My camera is so crappy, so my photos were terrible (see second photo.. Just posted that one, so you can see where I sat). So for this post, I've selected a few pictures from the Peter Stigter site, for all photos, go to that website.



Source: weheartit.com, various blogs.

Initally I wanted to make a post about the new "Karl" collection, mister Lagerfeld made for Net-a-porter, and I wanted to show you which items I love and want and how amazing I think that collection is.. But since I saw that on so many blogs already, I decided to not post this and give you some inspiration pictures from beautiful woman and fashion.
Don't get me wrong, I am totally into men! But I think that there are so many beautiful women, and I really love pictures of those women! So here you go :)..

Now I am going to continue with my school work..
Pff, still have to do a lot, wish me luck and lets hope I'll finish it on time!


230112 - OUTFIT

Today I was wearing my new vintage blouse which I totally love, combined with a grey skinny jeans and black boots.


210112 - OUTFIT

Pictures of my (simple) outfit today.. I had to work and my colleague her phone has so much cool effects for pictures. One of those effects you see above.. Really like it, and we made a lot of photos, most of them can't be shown here because they are hilarious and ridiculous!! hahah :)..

What was I wearing?
Grey top: Topshop, trousers: Vero Moda, cardigan: H&M, leather jacket: Mango, black scarf: Made/knitted by me! :), boots: Monki, bag: H&M.



Source: weheartit.com / various blogs

Another inspiration post, this time pictures of the beautiful color MINT.. I really love that color, it is beautiful in combination with white, with black and with pink! And I totally need to have some mint pieces in my closet for the coming spring..
Damn, with all my wishlists, I have to save me a whole lot of money.... No time for that now, have to concentrate on my school again :)..
Enjoy your weekend lovers. Thanks for all your sweet comments and follows :). MUCH appreciated! <3


190112 - DESIGNERS

Ready to Wear collection S/S 2012 - 3.1. Phillip Lim.

Ready to Wear collection S/S 2012 - Hussein Chalayan

When I have some 'free' time, I always enjoy to look at the fashionsite Style.com, and look at the different collections and runway shows from different designers.. Designers I know, but especially designers I haven't heard of before..
3.1. Phillip Lim is a brand I really love and I selected a few items from the RTW S/S '12 collection I would loooove to own.. Normally I wear a lot of black and grey, but this spring and summer I really want to wear more whites and pastel colors.. Also the items from Hussein Chalayan (a designer I didn't know before) are beaaautiful.. The cut is so simple, but so sophisticated and amazing!

What do you think of these collections and what is your favorite designer?


160112 - OUTFIT

An outfit with my new white blouse.. Really love it, and love the fact that the front is longer than the back! Today was a beautiful day with the sun shining, and again a good day at school.

Outfit: White blouse: H&M trend, black skinny jeans: H&M, (yes, wearing it again, but i love this pants, it is so comfortable yet so pretty!) shoes: Monki.

PS. Are some of you also having problems with posting comments on certain blogs? It is soo annoying, because sometimes when I want to post a comment on a blog (to compliment someone, or to thank you for your lovely comment), the page goes blank and doesn't work anymore.. So please don't think I didn't read your comment and don't want to react.. I blame the Blogger website...


150112 - WEHEARTIT

Some 'lazy Sunday' inspiration pictures from my much beloved website weheartit..
Had an amazing night last night with a few of my lovely friends, and now I am working on my school assignments, which always includes searching and looking for images on we heart it.com!


130112 - OUTFIT

My outfit of today..
It was a busy day, I had to go to the market for some fabrics for a school assignment, went to the library (also for school) and had coffee (and gossips hihi) with a good friend.. Busy but fun day!

What was I wearing? Leather jacket - Mango, Fauxfurvest, skinny jeans, hat and green bag - H&M, black top - Zipia and my boots are from Monki.
Enjoy your fridaynight + weekend lovers!

130112 - DESIGNER

Source: style.com

Oh, how I just LOVE the Pre-fall 2012 collection Phoebe Philo made for Celine.. Absolutely amazing.. I love the leather pants, the jackets, the button-downs, the leather, the dresses, the bags, the colours.. You could say that I am in love with this collection and if I had the money I would buy a lot of Celine for next fall! What do you think?


120112 - DETAILS

Just a small detail of my outfit of today.. Don't know if I have the time and the possiblity to shoot my complete outfit.. Hope so, and otherwise you have to let your imagination go free and try to think how you would combine these pieces :)..

My blouse is from the Monki, the colar is from the H&M.



Sources: weheartit.com, stockholm-streetstyle.com, stylebykling, and various blogs.

Some inspiration for this Wednesday!


090112 - OUTFIT

Pictures made by Lot!

After almost 3 weeks of Christmas break, I had to go to school again.. And in comparison to most other students, I was really excited going back.. I really love going to school, because the things we learn, but ofcourse also because the sweet girls in my class hihi.

These pictures were taken by one of those girls! :).. Today I wore an all black outfit, you can never go wrong with black. Love it! And the pictures were made in one of the beautiful streets in Amsterdam.
My blouse is from the Episode (vintage store), leather look skinny is from the vero Moda, and my boots are from the H&M!


070112 - OUTFIT

What am i wearing?
Shinethrough top - Monki, leather shorts - vintage, shoes - Monki, bustier underneath is from Hush hush.

This is what I am wearing tonight.. My mom is giving a huge birthday party because she is turning 50 today.. And since my parents also follow my blog, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MOMMY!!" :D..

The tekst behind me, is also very inspiring.. In Dutch it says "Genieten is een onmiskenbaar ingrediƫnt voor geluk", which means that enjoying is an unmistakable ingredient for happiness.. And that is so true!

Enjoy your night/weekend, I will surely enjoy mine! :). XO!


060112 - BOOKS

I really love the Olsen Twins, and also LOVE their book "Influence"..
It is a very interesting book, with interviews with the biggest names in the fashion industry (Karl Lagerfeld, Terry Richardson, Diana von Furstenberg etc.).. But there are also a lot of written pieces and pictures from the Twins themself.. Like the title says, it shows the influences of Mary Kate and Ashley in fashion and style.. Very inspiring and just LOVE it!

Wanted to share this with you! And if you don't own this book yet, GO AND GET IT!