290612 - WANNA LOOK LIKE...

SOURCE | stockholmstreetstyle

I am so in love with this picture. The outfit is perfection, and so is the background. And eventhough I did share this image with you once before, I'd like to post it again. Wish this was MY outfit of the day! So simple, but yet so perfect. Love all the items she is wearing, wish they were mine hihi!



Most days, I don't have anyone who can photograph my outfit.. So sometimes I take a picture "from above", and eventhough you really can't see a thing what I am wearing, I still like the effect! These are a few pictures from the last couple of days.. As you can see, I really love my studded boots and my loafers haha! The last picture is from today. The weather was finally good enough to wear some shorts, so I did. Damn, really love wearing shorts and i wish the weather stays good, or at least warm enough to wear shorts!




SOURCES: stockholmstreetstyle | tumblr | weheartit.
Don't you just love these images? Really love this, and wanted to share it with you!

I have added quit a lot of pieces to my SHOPMYCLOSET page. I have a lot of clothes I do not wear anymore, and they really deserve a new owner that does wear it haha. So please check out the site, and maybe there is something you like! :)


240612 - OUTFIT

Yesterday it was the 30th "wedding anniversary" of my parents and ofcourse I had to come home to celebrate! We (my parents, my brother and me) had a delicious dinner at the pizzeria, together with my two grandmas!
I am so in love with this jumpsuit. Really wanted to buy this, but when I left my job at Tony Cohen, I got it as a gift!! The weather really sucks in Holland, so I had to combine it with a vest, but I can't wait to just wear it like that, combined with a gorgeous bralet and sandals!

Jumpsuit | Tony Cohen
Vest | Zara
Heels | H&M


220612 - OUTFIT

I really love living where I live. As most of you know, Amsterdam is a pretty busy city with a lot of people, tourist, locals, bicycles, trams, cars, scooters and so on.. And as much as I love the city and the fact that there is always something to do and to see, I also love my neighborhood, where these pictures were taken. I love the water and the gorgeous wide view there is. Really like running here with my roommate, or just walking alongside the water when walking to the supermarket.
Today I was wearing my new Black Obsedian necklace I won in a giveaway. I never win anything, so I was super excited to win this necklace I also wanted to buy aswell. Luckily I didn't do it, and I was lucky enough to win!

Black lambs wool cardigan | Brandy Melville
White tee, black boots | Monki
Fishnet top, skinny jeans | H&M
Necklace | Fashionology.nl



SOURCES: stockholmstreetstyle | loveaesthetics | afterdrk | weheartit | tumbrl.

I have so many pictures on my laptop, so many gorgeous pictures in all sorts of categories, it was hard for me to choose the right ones for this inspiration post! I always have troubles with choices, I am a true Libra you know haha, so there will be a lot more inspiration posts to come! 

Today is the birthday of my sweet friend, and also blogger Carmen from MYDAILYFASHIONDOSIS, and I also want to congratulate her this way! Happy birthday girl and we are gonna celebrate tonight! <3 


180612 - OUTFIT

Oh my god, I still can't believe it, but I've just finished my final presentations!! I was super stressed, because it were 2 huge assignments, but I finished everything in time and today I had the presentations.. And the teachers were very pleased with the end results, they couldn't tell me my grades yet, but they said I didn't need to worry! So now I'm so excited.. Can't believe I already finished my first year at Artemis! Time really was flying, and I enjoyed it and loved it, but I'm so glad that I am "free" now.. No more school stress for at least 10 weeks! Oh, and yes, I am instagram-addicted, so you'll probably are going to see a lot of instagram-edited-photos haha!

What was I wearing at this exciting (but cold and rainy!) day?
Blazer | Thrifed
Leather trousers | Vero moda
Top | Zara
Shoes and bag | VJ-style
Bracelets | CK by Calvin Klein 
Cross bracelet | Made by Mirte




One thing I really love doing is watching runway shows or collection pictures from the designers I really love! And the biggest problem I have, is when I have a huge deadline for school, I seem to be doing everything execpt being busy for school (typical procrastination...). This was also the case today, as I was looking at the gorgeous resort collections at style.com. 
The ones I really love were from STELLA MCCARTNEY (love the transparency of the fabrics and the gorgeous colorpallet), ELIZABETH & JAMES (besides the fact that i have a huge girlcrush on the Olsen twins, I also really love their collections and would really love to have everything!), 3.1. PHILIP LIM (classic mixed with edgy items, amazing! and great fabrics + lovely patterns), ALEXANDER WANG (amazinggggg, wouldn't mind having this entire collection plus the shoes!), CELINE (just gorgeous, love the mixing of patterns and mixing of materials!), CHLOE (just not only love the collection, also really love the complete atmosphere of the pictures taking and the location the models are at!) and T BY ALEXANDER WANG (love the oversized and comfortable items, + the fact that (almost) everything is in black and grey!!

Really want to check out more collections, but I have to force myself to get back to my school and finish a bit more! Wish me luck and pray for me that i'll finish everything tomorrow! Oh, and what is your favorite resort collection or collections?

160612 - SHOOT

Remember I told you about the shoot I had? Well, here are some of the results I would like to share with you! I always wanted to shoot on a junkyard, so I'm glad that this was perfect for my concept!! Because I have seen the images for like a milion times, I see more and more things that could have been different or otherwise (i'm pretty perfectionistic haha), but I still like the images!!  | What do you think about my first shoot?

Oh, and to get no confusion, I did the styling and made the concept for this shoot.. Didn't photograph it ;)


140612 - OUTFIT

My (casual) outfit from today. Today was my last work day at the Tony Cohen store. I have worked there for a year now, but I decided that I wanted something different, so this summer I will work at a company called Squaremelon, doing promotional work! Really excited for that, but it is also strange to leave the Tony Cohen store. I always find it hard to change the things I am used to, but as they say, "each end is a new beginning" and that is how it is! (Oh, and again, excuse my sleapy and 'overexposed' head haha!)

Blouse | Vintage (Zipper)
Leather jacket | Mango
Skinny jeans | H&M
Belted bag | VJ-style
Boots | Unknown.


110612 - OUTFIT

My outfit of today.
I really love my new heels! I think it is fun to play around with different kind of styles, so one I can wear some edgy boots and the other day I can wear gorgeous heels like this. And the white tee I am wearing is perfect! The search for the perfect white tee for me is neverending, but this one comes close to perfection haha! (Oh, and please don't mind my extremely tired head, my gosh!)

Blazer | Zara.
White tee | Monki.
Skinny jeans + heels | H&M.



(vanillascented, tumblr, weheartit and other unknown sources)

Some beautiful inspiration for this Sunday evening..
Today my blog has its six month anniversary! Time flies, and I really want to thank all my sweet readers and followers! I really appreciate all the super sweet comments and the fact that you follow my blog! You're the best!!

Now I have to get back to my school assignments, still have to do a lot of work, but thank god I only have one week left untill i'm finished!



I can't wait till the summer finally begins!! I am so super busy with school right now.. The final 2 weeks, so really have to work hard to finish all the assignments in time! But after that I finally have the summer break! Super excited, because I am going to go to America, ahhh, can't wait!!! So this hard work for school, will finallly pay off with an amazing summer! 

Because of the fact I am so super busy, I don't have time to make outfitpost, so I'll share this gorgeous images to get you in the summer mood! What are you're plans for this summer, share them with me!!


040612 - OUTFIT

Ok, I was a bit to optimistic with wearing my sandals on this cold day, but I (still!) don't have any good shoes to combine with this pants, and stubborn as I am, I really wanted to wear this trousers today! haha!

Top and trousers | H&M.
Blazer | Primark.
Sandals | Steve Madden.


020612 - OUTFIT

Oh, I am so happy.. Had my shoot yesterday! And it went amazing, really loved doing it!! The weather was perfect, the model, make-up artist and the photographer were amazing.. Loved it!! Can't wait to see the end results, after editing and all! Wouldn't mind doing this for a living!

This was what I was wearing: 
Blazer and see-through blouse | Thrifted
Rings and skinny jeans | H&M.
Shoes | Sacha.



Some beautiful inspirational images for thie Friday. 
I am super excited, because this afternoon I am going to do my first shoot! I have arranged everything myself (model, photographer, makeup artist, location, props, clothes), and today the day has finally arrived. Really can't wait.. I'm a bit nervous, but more excited!!
Hopefully I can show you results of the shoot later on this week!!