291211 - OUTFIT

A quick update of my outfit of today.. Made by my colleague in the store we work in! :)..
Wearing: Sleeveless blouse - Monki, Cardigan - Tony Cohen, Skinny jeans - H&M, boots - Unknown.


271211 - (XMAS) OUTFIT

Dress - Zara. Belt, golden chokers and shoes - H&M.

Here pictures of me in my christmas dress hihi. I was going to party hardy with one of my best friends, but at the last moment she became extremly ill, so she cancelled.. But my mom already made pictures of me in my dress standing next to the christmas tree (annual tradition haha!), so I thought, why not show them to you..

I had a great Christmas this year with my family.. What about you?


251211 - XMAS

I hope you have an amazing time, with all your loved ones and get everything you wish for! I am going to celebrate it with my dear family and friends (and a delicious glass of martini haha ;)).. What are you going to do?

Here are a few inspirational pictures for you.. Enjoy your holidays!! With love, Femke!

Sources: stockholm-streetstyle.com


241211 - OUTFIT

Just a simple outfit for today! It's my dads birthday, so I am back home at my parents place in the north of Holland!
Wearing? White shirt - COS, Blazer - Topshop, Skinny jeans - H&M, Boots - Monki.



These are a few pictures of the Supertrash store opening I went to yesterday.. Do you know that brand? It started at six, and me and my colleague had to work till 6, so we were practically the first guests at the opening, hence the fact that there are almost no people in the photos haha! But we had fun and the Martini prosecco and the chocolat cupcakes were delicious!

This is just an impression of what the store looks like! If you want to check it out yourself, it is at the p.c. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam! :)

ps. Also check out my colleague's blog AVA.


221211 - OUTFIT

This is an outfit from a few days ago, that I forgot to post haha! I was wearing a blouse from New Look, skinny jeans and shoes from the Monki and my necklaces are from the H&M..

I just returned from the opening of a new Supertrash store, which I went to with my sweet colleague and we had a blast! Afterwards we had pizza and a few drinks.. I will show you pictures of the store opening later on!!


211211 - WEHEARTIT

source: all weheartit.com

Ever since I started with fashion styling at Artemis, I am a addict to the website weheartit! There are soo many beautiful images on that website, so I decided to share a few with you..
I always visit this site when I need images for moodboards, for schoolassignments, for my fashion scrapbook, just when I am bored.. There are millions of beautiful images in every category..
So if you have never heard of weheartit before, create an account and go crazy!!


1911211 - OUTFIT

Had a really nice day at school today and afterwards me and a few girls from my class went out for dinner and had a blast!! I love those days that are filled with so much fun!! :)

What was I wearing?
Faux fur vest - DEPT, black shirt - VERO MODA, black shorts - vintage LEVIS, boots - MONKI, belt - H&M.


181211 - WISHLIST

Ohmy, there are sooo many things I would LOVE to have!! Here is a list of 8 things I would love to get for christmas!!

1. Trenchcoat with leather details - Chloe. The neverending search for the perfect trench would stop if this baby was mine!!
2. Black motorstyle bag - Zara. Shame on me, but I do not own a black bag, so this one would be perfect!
3. Bourgondy suede pants - Isabel Marant. PERFECTION!
4. Leather belt - Isabel Marant. Just a simple but beautiful belt.
5. Dress - Zara. I still have to get a dress for New Years Eve and I love this one I saw at Zara.. Next week I am going to shop for a new party outfit, and I will defenitly try this one!!
6. Bustier - Hush hush. This one i LOVE and I will probably buy! Perfect to pair with a high-waisted skirt of skinny jeans!!
7. Python paneled suede wallet - Chloe. Really need a new wallet and this one is beautiful!
8. Blue suede shoes - Cafe moda. Also really want a pair of blue heels to pair up with a simple black outfit.. Think that would give every oufit a special touch. Love these!

Ohmy, I sound so greedy with my "i really need" and "i really want".. Can't help it! So dear Santa, this would make my Christmas even more perfect!! THANKS haha!!
What do you really want for Christmas?


161211 - OUTFIT

Just a simple and comfy outfit for a day filled with school activities..
What was I wearing? Sweater - ZARA, leather pants - VERO MODA, hat - H&M.



Oh, I just love these pictures, and I love thes women.. Kate Moss, Freja Beha Erichsson and a model I-do-not-know-the-name-of haha. I really like the androgynous looks they have and how the look so perfect all the time! :)


141211 - OUTFIT

My outfit from yesterday! :). A bit inspired by the photo I showed you from Lot.. A few months ago I wore similar combinations (knitted sweater + blouse) a lot, but I haven't worn such an outfit in a while.. But I do love it, so I decided to go for it again! This time with my new and beloved gold choker!

Sweater, blouse, skinny jeans - Monki, gold choker - H&M, boots - unknown.



Today's inspiration came from my lovely friend LOT from school! Her looks always are an inspiration for me, and today I wanted to take a picture from her collar which she made herself! LOVELY!

121211 - OUTFIT

Photo credits: Lot!

Today's outfit at another day at school! We had final evaluation of our assignments of "Drawing", so it was a bit excited, but it all went gooood!
My outfit: Tunic - Zara (old), Blazer - River Island, Skinny Jeans - h&m, boots - Monki.


101211: NEW BLOG

Hello lovers,

Welcome to my blog.. You might recognize me from my previous blogs (Behind the Scenes, or Woman in the Mirror), but I wanted to start with yet another blog.. At the moment, I am very busy with everything, but I always loooved to blog, so I want to give it another try.
There has changed a lot in my life since my previous blogs. I live in Amsterdam right now, in stead of Friesland or Denmark! I am graduated at my previous education, and started a new one.. Now I am studying "Fashion Styling" at Artemis Academie, and I am LOVING it! This is only a short introduction to who I am, you probably get to know me better through my blog posts!
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and looking at my photos, as much as I will posting them! Don't hesitate leaving me a message or become a follower.. I would love to hear your comments!

Kisses F.