101211: NEW BLOG

Hello lovers,

Welcome to my blog.. You might recognize me from my previous blogs (Behind the Scenes, or Woman in the Mirror), but I wanted to start with yet another blog.. At the moment, I am very busy with everything, but I always loooved to blog, so I want to give it another try.
There has changed a lot in my life since my previous blogs. I live in Amsterdam right now, in stead of Friesland or Denmark! I am graduated at my previous education, and started a new one.. Now I am studying "Fashion Styling" at Artemis Academie, and I am LOVING it! This is only a short introduction to who I am, you probably get to know me better through my blog posts!
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and looking at my photos, as much as I will posting them! Don't hesitate leaving me a message or become a follower.. I would love to hear your comments!

Kisses F.

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