280212 - LOVE, WANT, NEED!

OHMYGOD. I just saw this shopper on the Zara webshop and I am in love. I love love love it! <3.. The only thing is the price haha! But I do really need a new bag, so maybe this baby will end up in my hands someday soon? What do you think?


270212 - OUTFIT

My outfit of a few days ago.. Deadsimple outfit (and extremely tired face haha!), but I wanted to show you my new shoes.. I loooove them! And they are also so comfortable, you'll probably are gonna see these shoes on many outfitpost haha! 

And yeeey, I've reached 200 followers.. And I made an agreement with myself that when I did that, I would make a Facebook account.. So from now on, you can also follow me there and see more about what I am doing and what is on my mind! FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! <3



If I had to choose from which person I can have the complete closet, I would have to say (without a doubt) KATE LANPHEAR! <3. I am totally in love with the style of the style director from Elle USA and I would kill for her wardrobe!! Her style is androgynous, but also has very classy elements. Most of the time she's wearing black and high heels. LOVE IT! And if I had the courage, I would also cut my hair like her! Amazing!

If you could choose, which wardrobe / closet of a famous person would you choose?



Ever since I lived in Denmark a year and a half ago, I love every thing about that country and about Scandinavia. Especially fashion brands and ofcourse the fashionable people.
So when I saw this lookbook from the Weekday MTWTFSS collection, I fell in love! I love every single piece of this collection and I wish they had stores in Holland, so I could buy EVERYTHING! I think this is one the good excuses to go back to Copenhagen or this visit Stockholm! Really want to go there!! <3.
I think this is hard to hate, but what do you think of this collection lookbook?



"I have a dream I want to see come true. I won't give up, no matter what I do. 
If there's a long long way I have to go, I'll keep running. This I know. I've got the power to make it come true. I'm chasing my dream. Go, and chase yours too!"

Some inspiration for this Saturday night, enjoy your weekend lovely readers! And I will enjoy mine! <3

180212 - LOVE WANT NEED!

I totally love these boots and I think I am going to order them.. What do you think? Take or leave?


130212 - OUTFIT

Outfit of today. What was I wearing? Blazer: Thrifted, striped top: Monki, trousers/sweatpants: Zara, boots: Unknown.

Just like the complete world, I am in total shock that Whitney Houston died! First I didn't believe it, when I heard.. But unfortunately it is really true.. Then I listened to all her old songs again and I had to cry.. And I wasn't a that big of a fan of her or something, but I did love her music and it is SUCH a shame.. Thankfully we have her amazing music, like the beautiful songs 'When you believe', 'The greatest love of all', 'I wanna dance with somebody' and 'Run to you' (some of my favorites!!, but ofcourse there are so many more songs!)..



Since I posted two outfit posts of myself with some bright colors, I also wanted to do an inspiration post with beautiful outfits with (some) color! Totally in love with these 4 outfits!
What do you think of these bright colors combined with darker colors? Would you wear it? I definitly would and I think I have to make some adjustments to my "spring/summer wishlist" haha!



Source: weheartit.com and various blogs.

Some beautiful inspiration for this snowy and cold weekend! Have an amazing weekend lovers! X.


020212 - OUTFIT

Like everyone in Holland can confirm, it is FREEZING outside, so this was not my outfit of today haha. Today I am wearing very much clothing (layers with knitted shirts, cardigan, sweaters haha!), and this is an outfit I shot (and wore) a few day ago.. Really like to wear a denim-on-denim outfit.

Denim blouse: H&M, skinny jeans: MONKI, shoes: UNKNOWN, belt: H&M.