290312 - OUTFIT

Again had an amazing day yesterday.. In the North of Holland there is something called "Elfstedentocht".. This is a trip thousands of people make in all different sorts of ways.. For example there is a ride on skates (in winter), with oldtimer cars, walking, on motorcycles. And every monday of the Pentecost the Elfstedentocht is for people on bicycles.. They have to bike 240 kilometers in Friesland, alongside eleven different cities. And in all the cities there are a lot of festivities, music and a lot of people. Always love this day! My mom also joins the Elfstedentocht every year, and every year I am standing at the finish line, being a proud daughter haha! And also love meeting up with friends I haven't seen in a while and talking and laughing and having fun! 

What was I wearing?
H&M: hat, short skirt underneath.
Primark: sheer skirt, snakeskin satchel.
COS: white top.
Steven Madden: sandals.



I had the best day yesterday! Me and one of my best friends went to the festival called Amsterdam Open Air, and it was amaaaazing!! The weather was the best, the music was rocking and the atmosphere was great! We had a blast, and I can't wait untill next year (or the next festival I am going to visit!).. The pictures above are a small impression of the day!

My outfit (top from h&m + vintage denim shorts) // the girlslovedj's stage, we were spend a lot of time because we love that music!  // our dirty feet and sandals (mine are steve maddens) // the most delicious chips i've ever had haha! // the festival was next to a lake, great to chill for a moment and just relax. // me and anniek with delicious icecream // one of the podiums // dancing dancing, all day long!


250512 - SUNNY DAY

I've been a Blackberry addict for the past 2 years, but since two days I am the new owner of the gorgeous HTC one X. And although it will take me some time to get used to that phone, I already love making pictures with it! They are so beautiful and i love how you can edit them and all.. Ofcourse I have to test every single of those effects haha.

The photos in these post are from yesterday and today, such beautiful days with loads of sunshine! Unfortunately I am super busy with school, so couldn't spend the complete day outside. But of course I have to have a break once in a while.. Including the newest Vogue, popsicles and delicious fruit! You'll probably are going to see a lot of pictures made with my new love from now on.


230512 - OUTFIT

Wow, what a great weather it was today.. Unfortunately I had to work, so I couldn't enjoy it the complete day.. But after work one of my best friends came at my place, and we sat on my balcony the whole evening.. Had some delicious food and ofcourse a couple glasses of wines ;).. Great time! Love times like these. Just spending the complete evening on the balcony, with a sweet glass of wine and talking and laughing! 

This was what I was wearing today:
H&M: White blouse, sandals, necklace.
Vintage: Denim shorts.

I don't know how come, but there is some sort of red glow on my blouse.. I think because of the sunset.. In real life, my blouse is just white haha!


210512 - OUTFIT

Most comfortable outfit EVER
Still wanted to share, since this was what I was wearing today..
Although the vest was definitely too warm at the end of the day.. Finally, it is getting warm(er) in Holland!

H&M: Skinny jeans, belt
H&M mens department: Hoodie/vest
Topshop: Grey top
Zipper: Cross Necklace
Sacha: Boots



Some beautiful inspiration from weheartit for this lazy sunday!

Today was the last day to enter my giveaway, and with random.org I selected the winner,
the lucky girl is CLEMENTINE!
Already sent you an email, so congratulations girl ;) 


190512 - OUTFIT

Outfit: blouse: vintage/thrifted, trousers: Vero moda, boots: Monki.

This was what I wore a few days ago! Those trousers are sooo comfortable, but I don't wear them a lot.. Do like them, only don't like the fact that they are so loose around the ankles.. Well, maybe it's better with other shoes.. Still wanted to share this outfit with you!

"Sometimes you have to go back to the surface, to be able to write the next chapter.."


170512 - OUTFIT

I'm sorry for the picture overload haha! But me and my friend were waiting for the bus, so we had a lot of time to shoot pictures haha!
Like I said before, I spend this weekend at my parents and I was cleaning out my closet, and found a few things I really liked (again!).. Always love when you find those "hidden treasures", and that feels like you have bought something new without spending any money haha!

What was I wearing: 
Grey blazer: Topshop
Grey jeans + black hat: H&M, 
Top and boots: Unknown..

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How was your weekend? I had the best weekend! Went to a show from Jandino Asporaat (most funniest man in the Netherlands haha!) with one of my best friends, after that we went dancing and had an amazing night, I went shopping with my mom, spend some quality time with my family and went to the Mothersday concert with my mom! Always love weekends like this, that I can spend with the people I love!

And I really want to give you more outfit posts and all, but sometimes it is difficult to find someone who can take some pictures! So here's an inspiration post again, hope you also enjoy watching this and seeing this on my blog! :)




Here's a picture of my new beautiful rings. The turqoise one is from the H&M, and the other, the squared one is from the Monki! 
I really love rings and when I see them on others, I always get a bit jealous, because I can't seem to find the perfect (big) rings.. But a few days ago I was in the H&M and saw that one.. Love it, so my hunt for the perfect ring(s) will continue and hopefully i'll find more soon!  
Ps. The more I look at this picture, the more freaky I think it is hahaha.




(Source: style.com, stockholmstreetstyle, unknown)

Some beautiful inspiration for this Tuesday :). I was planning on doing an outfitpost today, but due to unforeseen circumstances (haha!), i will do this later! For now I'll leave you with these beautiful images, and a few amazing shoes. Damn, really want to go shopping for shoes now haha!


060512 - OUTFIT

This is what I am wearing today! I visited the IJ-hallen with a sweet friend of mine. Once a month there is the largest flea-market of the Netherlands and I just love visiting flea-market.. Just strolling around and hunt for the most beautiful treasures.. Today I bought a bourgondy flappy hat, a coral blazer/jacket and a darkblue trenchcoat from Burberry! Can't wait to show them to you! :)

What was I wearing? Blue blouse: vintage, (extremely comfortable) trousers: Zara, black cardigan: H&M, leather jacket: Mango, boots: Monki, big cross necklace: Fashionology, + small cross necklace: thrifted.

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Yesterday it was Queensday, the day that everybody and everything in Holland turns orange and crazy haha! I really love this day, because it is a good "excuse" to party and have a lot of fun! 
In Amsterdam there was a festival with the best music! I went there with a good friend of mine and we had the best day! The weather was amazing (and this is really exceptional haha, because we have had a lot of rain the past couple of weeks and also today it is raining, but yesterday was so warm!)..  
Normally I really don't like the color orange and I never wear orange clothes, but yesterday was an exception. I customized this shirt, I had some red-white-blue (colors from the Dutch flag) feathers in my hair.. Also wore a seethrough skirt from the Primark with a vintage Levis short underneath!

I had an amazing day.. If you did celebrate Queensday, how was your day?