311012 - INSTAGRAM

In contrast to how little i am working on my blog, that is how much I am on my Instagram. I can honestly say that I am a bit addicted haha! So here is a small overview of photos I took lately.

1 | candles in my room. 2 | girls night out! 3 | my apartment, home sweet home! 4 | delicious salad I made. 5 | my gorgeous new black leather bag, I got from my parents for my birthday! 6 | beautiful autumn day. 7 | working on my school, picking the right colors, fabrics and images together. 8 | addicted to the fifty shades of grey triology haha! 9 | háve to have the maison martin margiela x h&m, they are gorgeous! 10 | schoolwork. 11 | my favorite perfume, vanilla scent from the bodyshop. 12 | view from above.

I am trying to work more on my blog, but in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram
Hopefully I will see you there lovers. I do really miss blogging, and reading your sweet comments. I promise i'll be back!


081012 - OUTFIT

Denim blouse | NOWHERE.  Skinny jeans | GSTAR. Cardigan | ZARA. Boots | H&M.

Oh-my-god, how long has it been that I did something for my blog.. Sorry to let you, my dear readers and followers, down with not showing outfits or giving inspiration.. But my god, I am really sooo busy with my schoolwork and my new job.. 
Last week (the 27th of september) was my 23th birthday!! Had the most amazing weekend.. I celebrated first with my sweet family and a few days later with my gorgeous friends! Got the best presents, a very good time and really felt like the birthdaygirl hihi. Am really a little child when it comes to my birthday haha! The outfit you see in the pictures above, I wore to my birthday with family! No head shown, because my head really didn't work with me on the pictures hahah!

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