290312 - OUTFIT

What was I wearing? 
Mint sweater: Hema (men's department), fur vest: H&M, white top: H&M, grey skinny jeans: H&M, necklaces: Monki, fashionology.nl and hema.

Now back to my schoolwork, have a big huge deadline on Monday and there is still a lot to do, pfff...

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260312 - OUTFIT

What was I wearing? Floral print skinny jeans: Monki, denim blouse: Sting (man department), boots: unknown.

I have made a wishlist for myself for this summer, with 5 items I really want:
- A high waisted white shorts,
- A black bag,
- A trouser with wide legs,
- The perfect trenchcoat,
- Skinny pants with a print.

So with this pants, and the pants i was wearing in my previous outfitpost, I already have 2 items from the list, and I am very happy with it! Let the search for the other items continue...

Other things that are on my wishlist that I "kind of really need" are: simple blouses, (a bit transparant and a little bit oversized) in the colors white, black and blue.. i do have a few blouses, but they are not as basic as I would want them to be haha.. Blazers and cardigans are also always on my wishlist, because you can never have enough of that.. In spring I am wearing this as jacket or so.. 
Besides the blouses, blazers and cardigans, I am in desperate need of good summer shoes! So I am looking for some flat shoes, like loafers and a pair of heels.. Hahah! A lot of wishes, I know.. But it is always helpful for me to makes lists.. This way I won't buy more than this.

What item is on top of your (summer) wishlist?

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230312 - OUTFIT

What was I wearing: trousers, black top and black cardigan: H&M trend, glasses: H&M, heels: Sacha.

Had such a lovely day today! The weather was beeeautiful, so I went to the park with a sweet friend of mine, and some of her friends.. So we spend all afternoon in the sunshine, with wine and snacks.. Really loved it and i also really love meeting new people! 
After that I had a shoot with another friend, for a school assignment.. The results of that I will show later, don't expect something spectacular, it were photos for a lookbook, so just a 'neutral' background! But it was cool to shoot!! :)

About my outfit.. I am in love with these pants. Had my eye on them for a while now, but I never had the money to buy them.. But when I saw them on sale, i had to have them! And I am so glad I bought them.. They are the best ever haha, really comfortable, and you'll probably are going to see me a lot in these pants! And you either love them, or think they are terrible.. But I am really in love! <3


210312 - VOGUE LOVIN'

Yayyyyyy, the Dutch Vogue arrived today! And I really loved it! The only thing I didn't liked about it, is the fact that there is soo much advertisment in the magazine, but the Vogue needs its money too hahaha! The rest was simply perfect! <3.
Ofcourse I could show you the content of the magazine, but I guess that you can see this on every Dutch blog today hahaha. So I made a picture of how I spend (part of) my afternoon.. With the most delicious strawberries and grapes, in the sunshine with my new H&M glasses (don't you just love those!).. My ultimate moment of happiness!

This Friday I will have a photoshoot (where I will do the styling and photographing) for a school assignment, and today I did the shopping for the clothes.. Really loved doing that, felt like a real stylist and I could see myself doing that a lot more often! Hopefully I can show you some pictures of the shoot and the results later this week!


190312 - OUTFIT

Not very clear pictures, but this is my outfit of today! I am wearing a yellow sweater, boots and a necklace from Monki and a vintage leather shorts.

Yesterday I went to a great party at the beach of Bloemendaal. There are a few beach clubs there, and yesterday me and my sweet friend Carmen (from the blog my daily fashion dosis, check it out) went to the opening of one of those clubs, called 'Bloomingdales'. Had an amazing time, so today my face wasn't "in great shape" hahahaha! But hope you can see my outfit anyway :-).



One of the things I really like doing is browsing through streetstyle pictures! I always get so inspired and it makes me wanna go shopping haha.
This Saturday evening I am just chilling in my room and watching my favorite streetstyle website "Stockholm Streetstyle", and I saw a lot of interesting outfits.. Here are a few I loved and wanted to share with you!


130312 - OUTFIT

Yesterdays outfit. Just love love the fact that the sun is shining and that we could sit outside in the sunshine during a break at school. I am totally ready for spring/summer and I can't say it enough :D.

My outfit: Leather pants: Vero Moda, blouse: Vintage (Episode), hat: H&M, belt: Zara, shoes: Sacha.


100312 - OUTFIT

What was I wearing? Grey blazer: thrifted, blue knitted sweater + cardigan underneath: H&M, green bag and black skinny: H&M, sunglasses: Rayban.

At the moment/this weekend I am at my parents house in Friesland (the north of Holland :)), and today I went shopping with my mom. Really loved the fact that the sun was shining and that I could finally wear my Raybans again! And that we could sit outside drinking coffee! 
Tonight I am going to see a good friend of mine, which I don't see that often (because she lives in the north and I live in Amsterdam), so that's going to be much fun! Having drinks and dances at one of my favorites clubs overhere! Enjoy your Saturday night! <3



Some beautiful inspiration with my favorite icons Kate Moss and the Olsen twins! Have an amazing weekend sweets!



August 2010 I moved to Denmark to go study and live there for 5 months. Before going I never expected that  it would be so much fun and that it would be an experience I would never ever forget! I have met so many new, cool people there, made friends for life and had an incredibly amazing time! 
When I was there, I also had a blog, which I was checking a few days ago.. And since there were some very cool pictures on that blog, I thought it would be nice to share some of those pictures with you! So here they are haha! Hope you like them, let me know what you think!

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050312 - OUTFIT

My outfit of the day. Trousers: Tony Cohen, grey shirt: Topshop, black blazer: H&M, shoes: Sacha, cross earring: Fashionology.

It was a short night of sleep for me, because yesterday I went to a party (called 'Meisjesavond'), an amazing party with my sweet friends! The music was great and the atmosphere was also very nice! <3

The last picture btw is from my shoes and the beautiful shoes of Lot. Hahah we were wearing the same, only see has the gold version from Jeffrey Campbell and I have the Sacha silver type.



Some Spring inspiration for this Sunday. Really looking forward to the Spring and to sunshine, walking around in my shorts, wearing my Rayban, going to the beach and laying in the sun with my sweet friends. I really should stop talking and fantasizing right now, because I'm getting more and more excited haha! Have an amazing Sunday lovers!


020312 - OUTFIT

Pictures from yesterday, from my not so clear outfit haha. I was wearing a Monki sweater, with a vintage black blouse underneath. Skinny jeans and scarf from the H&M, Sacha boots and Mango leather jacket.

And I am so in love with Cos.. Mygod! Almost everything I saw in the store I wanted.. The second picture I made was in their dressing room. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money this month (have a lot of things I have to pay, among the subscription to the Dutch Vogue, yayyy!), so I couldn't buy anything.. But like Arnold Schwarzenegger always says, I'LL BE BACK! And will definitly buy a lot of stuff!
Apart from the no-money thing, I had a very nice day with my mom (shopping, drinking coffee, having lunch)! Always like it when she comes to visit me, I don't see my family that much, (not as much as I would like to), so love these days!

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