150912 - OUTFIT

Hi there, remember me? Haha! Finally another outfit post! This was what I wore during the first Dutch Vogue Fashion Night. Really loved it! It was hectic and a lot of (fashionable) people, but really had fun with two of my friends!

What was I wearing?
Leather trousers | VERO MODA. Blouse, bag and hat | H&M. Shoes | COS.

Since I am super busy again with my school (only started last week and already i am stressed out about the amount of things we need to do haha!) and busy with work and all, I decided to put my blog on the 'background'..  So whenever I have time, I will post some inspirational pictures or an outfit post.. But this won't be a few times a week like I did before.. Really sorry and I hope you keep on following me anyways, but I really want to focus on my school and kick ass overthere haha! And once in a while you will see me shining on the blog! Hahah. Still love every single comment you leave me and all you sweet readers!!

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sources. afterdrk | loveaestetics | various blogs and tumblr's

oh my god. I want to apologize for the fact that i have been neglecting my blog so much lately! Well, actually not thát much, but a few days not spend on my blog, feels like a long time for me haha! But I've just started at my new job at G-star. Amsterdam has opened her first (worldwide) women store just today, and I had to work there this last week to get the store ready for opening! So super busy with that, also school started again (well, actually have to start monday, but we got a lót of homework and preperation to do!).. So you can understand why I am so busy and don't have (much) time for time!
So i'm gonna leave you with these beautiful black and white images, and hopefully I will have some new posts for you next week! Have an amazing weekend lovers!

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Some beautiful inspiration, again.. The first picture really makes me realize that i NEED me some chucks!
Gonna keep it short today, because i received an email with all the things I have to do in preperation for my first day of school (next monday), and it is a LOT. So guess the holiday is over, back to reality! 

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