Wow, so many beautiful pictures to choose from! All the pictures above are from our two days in San Francisco. Like I've said before, I just love that city and can't wait to come back again and spend more time over there! We have been to the Golden gate bridge, like you can see on picture 3 and 8, we've visited Lombard street (picture 5 and seven), strolled around in the city and took a cable car, photos 2, 4, 6 and 9) and walked around the boulevard, Fishermans wharf and the beach, as you can see on the first picture!

Tomorrow we are going to make a trip in Los Angeles, and visit all the "tourist" places, like the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach. Am curious to see how that is going to be, but I will most definitely enjoy our last day in America! 


280712 - TRAVEL

Just a quick update from America! This is one of the many pictures from San Fransisco, wow, how much do I love that city? We spend two days over there and i loved it! First we visited the Golden gate bridge, and the day after we just strolled around in the beautiful city! I am going to post more pictures later on, hopefully tomorrow, but wanted to share this picture with you today! Can't believe our trip almost has come to its end..
Today we are in Santa Barbara and tomorrow we are heading towards Los Angeles! Really curious how that is going to be, any tips on what to visit and things I can not miss when there? 


240712 - TRAVEL

Another post from the beautiful America! I wish I had more time to work on my blog, but we are so busy with looking at all the gorgeous nature parks and beautiful cities, we do not even have much time to relax, but I am not complaining, the trip is amazing!! A few days ago we were two nights in Las Vegas, mygod, that was so cool!! Loved to see all those things you normally see on tv! 

1 | me in front of the Bellagio hotel
2 | las Vegas
3 | in the antalope canyon
4 | Brice park, amazing view over the rocks!
5 | me again in Vegas.. that city was so cool, amazing experience being there!!
6 | in the desert valley, can't believe how warm it was over there!!
7 | a gorgeous view from the restaurant we ate in Vegas
8 | las Vegas again, with the Eiffle Tower
9 | death valley

Today we are in San Fransisco and for what I have seen so far, I also love this city! Ofcourse I have many more pictures and I am planning on doing an Instagram post soon! Hope you'll enjoy this pictures and talk to you soon!!


190712 - TRAVEL

So here is my first post with pictures from America.. I planned on doing it earlier, but the internet didn't allow it haha. I can't believe how beautiful America is, my god! Today is the 6th day, and so far we have only been in and seen nature parks, but they are so gorgeous! The pictures above give you a small impression of the beauty!

1 | me standing in the grand Canyon. That was probably the most impressive thing I ever saw in my life.. When we entered the park, and first saw a glimpse of the Grand Canyon, i really couldn't believe how amazing it is! On pictures it is beautiful, but when you see it in real life, and experience how immense and gorgeous it is, your heart almost stops!
2 | palm trees in the cute city palm springs.
3 | taking a boat trip on the beautiful lake Havisu. really love sailing, and when it is on a lake a beautiful as this, I love it even more!
4 | Joshua Tree national park.
5 | me in Joshuas tree. Also very impressive nature sights.
6 | Lake havisu
7 | the amazing grand canyon again.
8 | me in front of a buffalo (blame the parents haha!) somewhere on the route 66.

Of course these aren't the only pictures! And I hope I am able to post again soon, and keep you updated of my trip!


130712 - TRAVEL

The moment you'll read this, I will probably be in the airplane, or already in AMERICA! 
I will be there for three weeks and will keep you posted as much as I can.. SEE YOU WHEN I'M IN THE STATES LOVERS!


110712 - OUTFIT

Oh god, I am so super nervous.. Friday I am finally going to America.. I have said it a few times before, and the people who also follow my Facebook might know it as well.. But I am going to make a roadtrip in the West of America, together with my parents and brother.. We will start at Los Angeles, visit all the beautiful nature parks, the Grand Canyon, go to Las Vegas, after that we will ride to San Fransisco and riding along the coast back to Los Angeles.. Ohmygod, how amazing is that trip going to be.. Couldn't be more excited!!
Do you have any tips or things I really really HAVE to do or can't miss? Shops I have to visit, or places I should definitely should go to! Please share your toughts and tips with me!

Striped trousers | H&M
Striped sweater and shoes | COS
Clutch | VINTAGE.


090712 - OUTFIT

1 short, two different oufits! I've recently bought this short and I am in love, and keep on wearing it haha! When I buy something new, I always want to wear it a lot, so you'll probably are going to see me in this lace short a lot haha! Again had a great weekend, which I will tell you all about in my upcoming recap post!

Lace short | Jutka & Riska
Striped top | H&M
Belted bag | VJ styles
Boots | Unknown

Lace short | Jutka & Riska
Grey tee | Topshop
Jacket and bag | H&M
Boots | Monki




Some beautiful inspiration for this (for me) beautiful weekend! ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST SWEETHEARTS!



050712 - OUTFIT

My outfit from a few days ago. With my 'OLD' hair haha! Yesterday I spend the day at the hairdresser, and even though there are not major changes, I am in love with my new hair! Can't wait to show it! 

Also I really want to share the fact that I hate the quality of my pictures haha. Ever since I have my new phone, I make pictures with my phone.. And the quality is good, when I put the pictures on my computer, the quality is still good.. But when I edit them in paint shop, and resize them, they become ugly, unsharp and sort of blurry.. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.. Well, in the meantime, I hope you still like my photos haha! :)

Cardigan and lace top | Zara
Shorts | Weekday vintage
Boots | Sacha



A small recap of the wonderful festival called LATIN VILLAGE:
Jessica and me | great combination, wine and french fries! haha | chilling by the lake | the lake | one of the music areas | jessica, me and carmen | the girls! | pizza and boots | another music area, the mainstage | discoballs, yay! | carmen and me haha! | beautiful sunset down by the lake.



020712 - OUTFIT

I've just had the most awesome weekend! Saturday I had to work at a beachevent, so during the work (the most simple work ever, scanning the tickets of the visitors) i could enjoy the cool music and the beautiful weather as well.. After that me and my sweet friend went to a birthday party of a friend and we've met a lot of new people. We went partying at club Air, and there was an awesome party! 
And yesterday me and some friends went to the Latin Village festival!! And despite the bad weather forecast, we had pretty ok weather.. The music and atmosphere was amazing, so that made up for the fact that the  it was't warm or the sun wasn't shining the complete day..
The picture above was what I was wearing (I know, it was the first of July and I was wearing long sleeves, jeans, and boots.. Mygod, i hate "summer" in Holland!)..

Blouse | H&M trend
Wool cardigan | Brandy melville
Skinny jeans | H&M
Boots | Sacha
Bag | VJ style